#eatmates at Masuwa

Eating food – good food is one of my favorite thing to do (second to sleeping). I love food and I am passionate about cooking and exploring different cuisines with my taste buds. For me, food is the best way to know and experience a culture.

I decided to have a new episode in my vlog in which I will (only) do the one thing I love to do, of course, eating! And what makes it more special is that I will share that experience with a friend or a complete stranger. For this first episode, my #eatmate is my cousin who is mentioned in my blog a dozen of times, in fact we even did a make up challenge which I will post soon.

Our theme this week is Korean and the best Korean Restaurant that we recommend in the south area right now is MASUWA.

Masuwa is owned by a Korean couple who lives in the same neighborhood. Located in La Huerta Center in Multinational Village Paranaque, it is easily accessible if you take the C6 extension. Although it is located inside a private village, it is just near the main entrance that makes it within reach.

The Sam Gyeop Sal and Japchae are my favorite while the Rameon is also a must try. Great value for money plus friendly staff and fresh imported Korean meat that is cooked in front of you equals good experience and OH SO YUMMY food!


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Sunday Rainy Day Vlog 001

For whatever reasons you stumbled upon this post, well first of all – Hello! How do you do? You reached my blog and I just posted my first ever Vlog today. Thank you for viewing ❤️

I decided Sunday will be my Vlogs day. Because for no reason(s) at all, I decided to film few moments of my life earlier this rainy afternoon.

Three things about me:

  1. I love Coffee.
  2. People close to me say I usually talk way too much. But, I strongly disagree .
  3. Today I ate Lechon (roasted pig) Cebu by Tatang’s. Yup, I love pork.

So there you go. I guess I’m starting to share random pieces of me again through this blog and, vlog.

My YouTube channel is Yani Aquino and here is the link to my vlog :


Also, I am ready to map my “.com” so…

Stay tuned…💟