#eatmates at Masuwa

Eating food – good food is one of my favorite thing to do (second to sleeping). I love food and I am passionate about cooking and exploring different cuisines with my taste buds. For me, food is the best way to know and experience a culture.

I decided to have a new episode in my vlog in which I will (only) do the one thing I love to do, of course, eating! And what makes it more special is that I will share that experience with a friend or a complete stranger. For this first episode, my #eatmate is my cousin who is mentioned in my blog a dozen of times, in fact we even did a make up challenge which I will post soon.

Our theme this week is Korean and the best Korean Restaurant that we recommend in the south area right now is MASUWA.

Masuwa is owned by a Korean couple who lives in the same neighborhood. Located in La Huerta Center in Multinational Village Paranaque, it is easily accessible if you take the C6 extension. Although it is located inside a private village, it is just near the main entrance that makes it within reach.

The Sam Gyeop Sal and Japchae are my favorite while the Rameon is also a must try. Great value for money plus friendly staff and fresh imported Korean meat that is cooked in front of you equals good experience and OH SO YUMMY food!


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Finding Balance

Traveling helps me find my balance but doing it often gives me the opposite effect. 

Have you ever felt that too? Or have you ever felt more at home in a land not your own and feel lost in your own city? Do you just find your self in the middle of life endlessly finding your way back, back to You – Your own happiness? 

If there is something I learned this week,  that is we create our own happines and in order to find our center – we need to be true to ourselves, and in order to keep that balance – we just need to keep on moving. 

It’s a hard, hard life but we can train ourselves to be tougher. 

… and P.S. – let’s stop comparing ourselves to others – I have to remind my self that all the time now. 

– D

* Thanks for the boyfriend for the photos. It’s his first time to help me on the blog 😂 

Shirt and shorts are thrifted, Shoes: Nike, Bag: Zara, Watch: Casio, Beaded Bracelet: SM Accessories, Sunglasses Ohrelle via Zalora.com

Status Quo


After visiting Thean Hau Temple, a very beautiful and peaceful temple atop Robson Heights over looking Jalan Syed Putra in Kuala Lumpur – until the time our plane landed back in Manila, I have been asking my self this same question over and over again:

What is my current situation?

The truth is, I am fully aware of what transpired during our KL trip and I can recall the events that took place the weekend I got back home but if you ask me (the way) how things really are now? Actually, I do not know. 

I am not sure. 

Am I just scared to answer the question and face my current reality?


And I will need time to figure it out. 

Maybe I am just here standing, waiting for the perfect opportunity … Looking out, yet taking my time.

For how long should I take my time?


– D

Black top: Oh My Clothing Outlet, Washed out pants: Gifted, Purse: Coach, Shoes: Nike, Watch: Casio, Sacrf and Accessories: SM Department Store Sunglasses: Oherelle via Zalora.ph

Weekends be like…

….White top, denim shorts and comfy shoes!

I work as a Real Estate Sales Coordinator  slash Property Consultant and I have been in Sales  for six years now so my normal day to day outfit ranges from business to smart casual. Five of those six years I wore heels, blazers and dresses. The rest, I have to look professional  yet very stylish. 

Weekends (or whenever is my day off) is usually  a window of opportunity to wear  anything comfortable and casual.  Who doesn’t? If you have been following my Vlog – I mentioned that in my early twenties, I am obsessed with heels. I usually wear stilettos to make melook slimmer   and of course, taller. But maybe also because of age, my best friends now are sneakers and ballet flats! 

So last Sunday I wore a white top and paired it with denim shorts. I was choosing between my orange ballet flats or sneakers. In the end the sneakers from Nike won.

Besides it’s the weekend, after a week of working so hard – I now owe it to my self to feel (very) comfortable! If only I can wear the same outfit everyday, I will… 💟 

– D

Top: Oh My Clothing Outlet Shorts: Bench Sneakers: Nike Purse: Coach Accessories: SM Accessories 

10 Random Things: Hong Kong

I will never get tired of Hong Kong.  I can live here for months and not feel so homesick. It’s a place I feel more “at home” compared to other countries in South East Asia. Not only because geographically it’s nearer to my country, but maybe because over time – going back and forth – I developed a certain pride and confidence. I can blend well and I knew my way around. I have this certain pride that even if I am a foreigner in a foreign country – I know somewhere in the middle of nowhere, I belong.

1. Mannings and or, Sasa. The only validation you need. A sign that confirms – Yes, You are  in Hong Kong.  

2. Red Cabs can bring you around the city. Drivers  with the help of technology – they usually know the way around but research also in advance. Sometimes you can’t really afford to go around in circles since the rate is a bit high.  

3. Don’t pressure your self. Hong Kong is already a dense city and it can be very stressful at times for travellers and tourists alike. Let loose. Don’t worry too much. Don’t even get stuck with a schedule. Just breathe and live and just go with the flow.


4. Choose the road less traveled. Skip the ordinary. Nathan road will also be there. Mongkok will always be bright at night. Explore more, seek more. 

5. Don’t skip meals, in fact add an additional meal everyday as long as you can. I always get hungry whenever I transfer from Central Station. Maybe because I did a lot of walking so I always grab a quick bite which is usually a complete meal like this.

6. Look for a piece of furniture even if you’re not really buying. Furniture in certain places just gives you an idea and a brief about their culture and history. So if you hate museums, go to furniture shops.

7. Walk. It’s easy to just walk around certain places in Hong Kong – you can easily find your destination within a certain district – from point a to point b — by just simply walking. Though some places are a bit complicated than the other but don’t be disheartened, both will surprise you with a hidden gem – a pretty place worth exploring. So, walk.. Just walk and just get lost. 

8. Be fearless. Yes, you are in a foreign country  – you have to obey certain laws and rules but nothing is more liberating about traveling than knowing you are confident and true to yourself and that no matter where you are – you will always be brave and free. 

Hong Kong can be quite intimidating but hey! You already took the leap and was able to get out of your home land. You took the first step so make every moment count! Be fearless! Go out there – have some drink, ride a roller coaster, haggle with the vendors in the night market and get the purse you’ve been eyeing!  You owe it to yourself!

9. Go rooftop hopping. There’s the saying…. The view from the top is always the best! 

10. Shop. Uhm. Do I need to say more?

– D

La Vie Parisienne, Cebu


When a blogger is in Cebu City, he or she should not skip La Vie Parisienne.

La Vie Parisienne is a chic Parisian themed cafe by day and  a hip lounge and bistro by night.

When I was in Cebu City to attend my friend’s wedding, my dear bride friend who is a Cebuana – specifically mentioned to visit this place, since it’s the new “it place” in town.

As for me, I wasn’t there to take any glamorous #ootd. We just dropped by so as not to miss this new “it place” since we don’t know when are we coming back again. We had some french macaroons, a glass of Cabernet each and then off we go to catch our flight back to Manila.

If I were you, stay a little longer and sip a little more wine. Wait until the sun sets and enjoy some  Cebuano vibe. ❤️

My shirt: Bershka Leggings: GTW by SM Bag: Longchamp Scarf: my cousin’s

– D


La Vie Parisienne is a French bakery, deli and wine library. It is located at 371 Gorordo Avenue Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines.