There are many moments in my life that I am truly obsessed with YUBISO and this vlog captures one of those (hoarding) moments.

We were on our way to the Petronas Twin Towers when it rained that afternoon so we decided to kill time – where else but in YUBISO.

My mom went over the kids section for gifts and pasalubong for my niece, Riley while my cousin and I went gaga over the beauty blenders, face masks and face massagers that were so oh, budget friendly!

We failed to see the Petronas that day but we managed, beat traffic and found Feeka. 

Click here to see my previous post about Feeka.

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2nd Part of Vlog #8: My Cousin Does My Make Up

My blogger cousin, Gem whom I also call “Tegi”is a make up aficionado. One of our major goal while on our KL trip was to make a make up vlog. Being the blog and vlog expert that she is I agreed right away. Besides who doesn’t want to be glammed up for free while on vacay right?

So what do you think for her obra de arte?

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Vlog #8: Yani Goes to KL

It took me a month before I can actually post this vlog here! I think I am taking my career in Real Estate very seriously that I don’t have the time to update. *Sorry* But yes, the good news is I have transitioned already – I’m still in the Real Estate industry but I leveled up! Which means more challenges but lesser time to do my kaartehan (dramas) in the blogging world.

But no biggie! I’m more excited than ever to share with you guys my adventures and misadventures. I also turned 30 last week! Oh My! But before that and anything else, first, please see below part one of my Vlog about our trip in Kuala Lumpur. 

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#eatmates at Masuwa

Eating food – good food is one of my favorite thing to do (second to sleeping). I love food and I am passionate about cooking and exploring different cuisines with my taste buds. For me, food is the best way to know and experience a culture.

I decided to have a new episode in my vlog in which I will (only) do the one thing I love to do, of course, eating! And what makes it more special is that I will share that experience with a friend or a complete stranger. For this first episode, my #eatmate is my cousin who is mentioned in my blog a dozen of times, in fact we even did a make up challenge which I will post soon.

Our theme this week is Korean and the best Korean Restaurant that we recommend in the south area right now is MASUWA.

Masuwa is owned by a Korean couple who lives in the same neighborhood. Located in La Huerta Center in Multinational Village Paranaque, it is easily accessible if you take the C6 extension. Although it is located inside a private village, it is just near the main entrance that makes it within reach.

The Sam Gyeop Sal and Japchae are my favorite while the Rameon is also a must try. Great value for money plus friendly staff and fresh imported Korean meat that is cooked in front of you equals good experience and OH SO YUMMY food!


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Finding Balance

Traveling helps me find my balance but doing it often gives me the opposite effect. 

Have you ever felt that too? Or have you ever felt more at home in a land not your own and feel lost in your own city? Do you just find your self in the middle of life endlessly finding your way back, back to You – Your own happiness? 

If there is something I learned this week,  that is we create our own happines and in order to find our center – we need to be true to ourselves, and in order to keep that balance – we just need to keep on moving. 

It’s a hard, hard life but we can train ourselves to be tougher. 

… and P.S. – let’s stop comparing ourselves to others – I have to remind my self that all the time now. 

– D

* Thanks for the boyfriend for the photos. It’s his first time to help me on the blog 😂 

Shirt and shorts are thrifted, Shoes: Nike, Bag: Zara, Watch: Casio, Beaded Bracelet: SM Accessories, Sunglasses Ohrelle via Zalora.com


We stayed in Pudu for three days last week when we visited Kuala Lumpur. Whenever I am traveling, I always search for new things to do and new places to see in the country or place I am currently at. May it be a city or a small town. The less crowded and or if it is hidden, the better. 

I want to seek more and I am always looking for not only just a place – but place that can give me “an experience”  … 

A place where I can eat or drink, where I can watch the people around me, a place where I can read a book, chat with a travel buddy or just a place where I can breathe, dream and be myself.  

A place that can give me an awakening.

On our last night in KL, we had a few on our list of  places to check out. We started in a half Malaysian and half Filipino owned bar (which will be shown on my vlog) to a long stretch of hawkers then we ended our night in Barlai

I regretted a little now that this place was last on our list (since it was closest to our hotel). We should have stayed here longer or visited here every night while we were  in Pudu! 

Barlai is a quaint and charming place, a venue for locals and travelers alike to meet up or   just to unwind.  Located in residential Pudu, Barlai boasts with character as it is located in a restored heritage building.

For me Barlai is just the perfect place to hang out at night if you want to get away from the chaos and noise of KL. A hidden gem where you can relax after a busy and tiring day. 

I suggest that you stay here longer than 30 minutes to just feel the vibe, enjoy the ambience and try the food. 

Please, try the food! They weren’t serving food when we got there since it’s already late. So I’m frustrated a bit. We wanted to try the Chicken Satay and the Roti with Curry Chicken but sadly it was too late – the waiter said they only serve drinks by that time (past midnight I think) so we had a draft beer  instead and just enjoyed Barlai.       



Indeed, it was an experience. We didn’t just had a beer, but we had moments of laughter… of delight …of appreciation… of happiness. In a brief moment while I was there, I know my soul was awakened. 

– D

Barlai is located at 3 Jalan Sin Chew Kee, Bukit Bintang, KL. 

Status Quo


After visiting Thean Hau Temple, a very beautiful and peaceful temple atop Robson Heights over looking Jalan Syed Putra in Kuala Lumpur – until the time our plane landed back in Manila, I have been asking my self this same question over and over again:

What is my current situation?

The truth is, I am fully aware of what transpired during our KL trip and I can recall the events that took place the weekend I got back home but if you ask me (the way) how things really are now? Actually, I do not know. 

I am not sure. 

Am I just scared to answer the question and face my current reality?


And I will need time to figure it out. 

Maybe I am just here standing, waiting for the perfect opportunity … Looking out, yet taking my time.

For how long should I take my time?


– D

Black top: Oh My Clothing Outlet, Washed out pants: Gifted, Purse: Coach, Shoes: Nike, Watch: Casio, Sacrf and Accessories: SM Department Store Sunglasses: Oherelle via Zalora.ph