We stayed in Pudu for three days last week when we visited Kuala Lumpur. Whenever I am traveling, I always search for new things to do and new places to see in the country or place I am currently at. May it be a city or a small town. The less crowded and or if it is hidden, the better. 

I want to seek more and I am always looking for not only just a place – but place that can give me “an experience”  … 

A place where I can eat or drink, where I can watch the people around me, a place where I can read a book, chat with a travel buddy or just a place where I can breathe, dream and be myself.  

A place that can give me an awakening.

On our last night in KL, we had a few on our list of  places to check out. We started in a half Malaysian and half Filipino owned bar (which will be shown on my vlog) to a long stretch of hawkers then we ended our night in Barlai

I regretted a little now that this place was last on our list (since it was closest to our hotel). We should have stayed here longer or visited here every night while we were  in Pudu! 

Barlai is a quaint and charming place, a venue for locals and travelers alike to meet up or   just to unwind.  Located in residential Pudu, Barlai boasts with character as it is located in a restored heritage building.

For me Barlai is just the perfect place to hang out at night if you want to get away from the chaos and noise of KL. A hidden gem where you can relax after a busy and tiring day. 

I suggest that you stay here longer than 30 minutes to just feel the vibe, enjoy the ambience and try the food. 

Please, try the food! They weren’t serving food when we got there since it’s already late. So I’m frustrated a bit. We wanted to try the Chicken Satay and the Roti with Curry Chicken but sadly it was too late – the waiter said they only serve drinks by that time (past midnight I think) so we had a draft beer  instead and just enjoyed Barlai.       



Indeed, it was an experience. We didn’t just had a beer, but we had moments of laughter… of delight …of appreciation… of happiness. In a brief moment while I was there, I know my soul was awakened. 

– D

Barlai is located at 3 Jalan Sin Chew Kee, Bukit Bintang, KL. 

6 thoughts on “Barlai

  1. Hi! How are you doing? I really love your amazing blog it really inspires me a lot that’s why I followed you. I hope to read more beautiful post soon. I can’t wait to see it. I hope we could also be friends. Have a great day ahead!

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  2. This place looks really nice! It’s that kind of place where I would really love to go to if I want to hide from the chaotic society, disconnect from people, and just burrow myself into the unknown while taking a swig of rhum or something. 😀

    Well in any case, there are a lot of bars here in Makati that have “secret areas” and all that jazz.

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